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All our skin products are handcrafted with unique designs. No two loaves or bars are alike. We use the most natural ingredients possible to ensure our products aren't full of harsh chemicals and will never sell anything we wouldn't, or don't, use ourselves. We prefer everything all natural and are constantly working on new recipes to expand our product line, giving customers more variety while shopping.

We began making soaps as a hobby, more of a way for the owner to bond with his daughter after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, and it morphed into a business when the movement specialist told the owner to quit teaching and go on disability.

It was our daughter's idea to start the business, so the owner did that instead of applying for disability. Owning a business, like everything in life, has it's challenges but has been extremely rewarding, and let's face it, "working" with one of your favorite "little people" isn't a bad gig.

We are very appreciative for all those who have liked, followed, and commented on our social media platforms (FB and IG), and for those who have purchased from us or even simply gone to our site and checked us out. You are all amazing and wonderful people!

As I used to say to my students at the close of each class:

Be safe. Be kind. Do something nice for someone!

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